About Us

We wanted to bring together 30 years of rich history, rigorous hard work, hope and effort. They say a work of art speaks for its creator, and in our case it is definitely true. Each one of these masterpieces stands out as a story of success on its own, which was made possible, as an outcome of our team’s commitment to constant pursuance for excellence.

Technical competence: Back in the origins of our activity, the high technical competence of the group was an essential pillar for an aspiring career, and still is one of the power points of INGEMETAL, which made possible that we become a benchmark in this sector providing the sharpest solutions for numerous projects.

Our team: None of these achievements would have been possible without the professional competence and total commitment of the members of this Group; Human Resources Policy is orientated towards the search for talent, can-do -attitude and efficient performance, also the evaluation of these performances.

Diversification: We have identified business opportunities and implemented our strongest methodologies and added values. Creating new puzzles with our most valuable pieces proves that we’ve gone the extra mile to create solutions, to learn, to innovate and to work with the best in the business.

Thank you for your interest in our Company, being a client, a supplier, a business partner or an associate, we hope this presentation paves the way to a long path of ever growing mutual benefit.

Board of Directors.

With more than 30 years of experience, Grupo Ingemetal’s history is full of work, enthusiasm and effort reflected in our work and in the commitment of our team to enhance technical competence as an added value for the development and diversification of our activities in markets And sectors related to Construction, Engineering and Solar Energy. The different lines of business are:

  • Engineering dedicated to the study and optimization of projects. It has as a differentiating value, the resolution and contribution of technical solutions.

  • Industrial roofs and facades, whose mission is the management of projects, develop technical solutions, supply and assemble envelopes.

  • Architectural envelopes that it manufactures and installs for this type of facades, aluminum and glass systems (aluminum carpentry, curtain walls, façade solutions, etc.)

  • Solar Energy with the objective of developing projects related to large-scale renewable energies, especially with the construction of solar thermal plants based on concentration technology.

  • Metrology provides portable Industrial Metrology services with state-of-the-art equipment providing a fast and quality response to the needs of each project.